Our History

Bell’s Gardening Outlet is the retail section of the family run wholesale nursery, Bell’s Horticultural. There are currently three generations of the Bell family working within the business, which started growing plants on the site back in 1961. 

Our wholesale operation grows over 50million plants every year, and supplies a wide range of plants and products to nationally recognized multiples and garden centers across the UK and Ireland. 

When growing in such large volume there always exists a natural amount of ‘excess’ product.  The Outlet offers locals, and those willing to travel the opportunity to buy professionally grown fresh plants at genuinely discounted prices. 

We started welcoming the public into the Outlet in 2012. 

As word spread, the popularity of the Outlet has grown, and we have expanded the range of products we now grow for ourselves in line with customer demand. We take great pride in the wide range of home grown products we now offer in our Outlet, along with a great range of associated gardening products, bird care and sundries. 

As a Commercial Nursery, we regularly run trials for seed and young plant suppliers. These trials now find their way to the Outlet, and give our customers a chance to buy plants, which are relatively new to the market, and may never actually go into full commercial production. 

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